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In the Book Series of Fall in Love with Money, the author, Marta Skik Harich, provides actionable steps, nuggets of information, workshops, and tools to enhance your relationship with money, organize your resources, and be the change you want to be.

Marta's focus began with cultivating financial resources, tax strategy, tax compliance and accounting, as she founded Prestige Business Enterprises, a tax strategy firm, as the world's premier resource for financial empowerment and quality of life. Her focus is on creating a well-rounded individual that utilizes financial resources as a tool to create abundance and success at all levels.

A dream is just a dream until action is taken. She realizes taking incremental action steps is the key to creating success and focuses on helping others create this necessary foundation so that each individual has the tools to succeed. The M.A.R.T.A. Method is a proven process to set milestones for anything you would like to accomplish personally or within your business. Each goal requires action steps, follow through, redesign, and tangible steps forward to create the momentum required to create your dream.

The M.A.R.T.A. Method has been used by the author not only to create her own framework of operating with tangible action steps, but also with her clients! 

We hope you enjoy the content and allow it to take you to the next level! You have the power within you to succeed. You can do it! 

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